Budget deck for May 2014


Budget deck for May 2014

Ermahgerd Thermahterge

Thaumaturge is the lynchpin to this deck: at first, play less aggressive to protect him from removal by triggering his heroic ability, making him hexproof. Once Thaumaturge hits the field, you can now make super-efficient combos to destroy your opponent.  Thaumaturge interacts with certain spells to give mana discount and edge, such as Launch the Fleet, Glimpse of the Sun God and Gridlock.  With it out, you can play Launch the Fleet and target all of your creatures for only one mana, which triggers heroic abilities, then attack.  While your creatures are tapped, you can cast Glimpse of the Sun God for, again, only one mana, tapping all blockers, and simultaneously triggering your creatures’ heroic abilities a second time. This deck has Ajani’s Presence to protect and boost creatures when needed, and Dauntless Onslaught (with Thaumaturge out, now costs one mana to cast) to push the damage through.  Even without Thaumaturge on the field, this deck can still be strong by boosting creatures with heroic abilities and controlling your opponent’s blockers.  Have fun!

Perfect Hand

Turn 1. Favored Hoplite

Turn 2. Phalanx Leader

Turn 3. Fabled Hero

Turn 4. Battlefield Thaumaturge

Launch the Fleet, triggering all creatures’ heroic, then attack, putting out three tokens.

Cast Glimpse of the Sun God, triggering all creatures’ heroic a second time to deal 26 damage!



4x Battlefield Thaumaturge

4x Fabled Hero

3x Dawnbringer Charioteers

4x Battlewise Hoplite

4x Favored Hoplite

4x Phalanx Leader



3x Launch the Fleet



4x Glimpse of the Sun God

2x Gridlock

3x Ajani’s presence

3x Dauntless Onslaught



4x Azorius Guildgate

10x Plains

8x Islands


Easy upgrade, add

4x Hallowed Fountain

4x Temple of Enlightenment


Article by Mike Madison

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