40K ITC Champions Event

January 20, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Terracrux Games

Come in on Saturday, January 20th at Terracrux Games and get your Warhammer 40k on using the same missions that will played at the Las Vegas open the very next week!!
2000 point with a three detachment limit. Tickets are $15 prepay or $20 at the door.
Tenative schedule
0900 doors
0930-1000 dice
1000-1230 Round 1
1230-1330 Lunch and army painting/hobby scoring
1330-1600 Round 2
1630- 1900 Round 3
1900 Final scoring/winning announcements and prizes

Missions from the ITC 8th ed Champion MIssion
Round 1 – Seize Ground
Round 2 – Crucible of Champions
Round 3 – Nexus Control

Painting Requirements:
3 color minimum to to be eligible for prize support, otherwise a base coat/primer is all you need to play!

Please reference ITC 40k 8th Edition Tournament Format and FAQ for general ITC rulings. To submit army lists and scores, please download…