Cryo – Can you outmanage, outlast and out survive?

A mission gone wrong. Tensions continued to mount aboard your colony ship as the days dragged on, and an anonymous act of sabotage has sent the ship plummeting to the surface of a frozen uncharted planet. Damaged beyond repair, the scattered remains will do little to protect you from the brutal cold.

In the engine-building, worker placement game Cryo, leaders of separate, hostile factions compete to survive and claim control over the underground caverns on a remote icy planet. You need to act quickly and strategically to avoid further sabotage from other factions. Send drones out from your engineering platform to scavenge resources and save your crew still in cryostasis. Gather different materials to upgrade and customize your platform, fine-tuning new actions to suit your individual strategy. Utilize multi-use cards to your advantage, and claim the underground caverns for your faction to survive.

Though unplanned, a new chapter for humanity has begun. Scavenge, build, explore, and lead your faction to victory within this frozen world before the sun sets!

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Introducing: Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

Face Your Fears

Unleash the horrors of Ravenloft in this campaign sourcebook for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

Terror stalks the nightmare realms of Ravenloft. No one knows this better than monster scholar Rudolph Van Richten. To arm a new generation against the creatures of the night, Van Richten has compiled his correspondence and case files into this tome of eerie tales and chilling truths.

Discover the mysteries of Ravenloft, mist-shrouded lands where infamous Darklords lurk among ageless vampires, zombie hordes, cosmic terrors, and worse. Then make your choice. Will you create your own Domains of Dread, settings to host endless terrifying adventures? Or will you join the ranks of haunted heroes who embrace macabre lineages, dual-edged Dark Gifts, haunted subclasses, and other forbidden powers?

Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft contains everything you need to craft a horror-themed campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. Unleash a treasure trove of new story hooks, character options, and campaign customization to bring one of the most exciting Dungeons & Dragons settings to life!

  • Travel (perhaps even by choice) to familiar domains and discover new ones—as Ravenloft’s expanded Domains of Dread return for the first time in fifth edition! Includes rules and advice for building custom domains and Darklords using established horror tropes or your own special blend.
  • Discover a host of new backgrounds and trinkets themed specifically for a horror setting, as well as new character lineages, including the dhampir, hexblood, and reborn.
  • Find two new subclasses, the College of Spirits for bards and the Undead pact for warlocks.
  • Explore Dark Gifts for characters that flesh out your place in the Domains of Dread.
  • Encounter a horrific assortment of creatures from the monstrous bestiary.
  • And includes a brand-new adventure!

Introducing NiWa: A Skillful Game of Japanese Gardens

Immerse yourself in a Japanese garden with Niwa. The players make strategic moves to reach their opponent’s camp. There’s lot of strategy in this game where you advance step by step. To win the game, you must be the first to reach the opponent’s temple with one of your three “kokeshi” figurine.

Begin by arranging the board, it can be different each time!

Each figure begins with two beads of the same color on their head and on a space next to their own temple.

On your turn, you can:
-move one of your figurines across a line (or two or three), passing one bead per line crossed
-pass a bead from the top of a figurine to another figurine
-jump one of you figurine up another if its has no bead on it!

Try to win in this simple yet satisfyingly strategic two player game!





Introducing Bloodborne: The Board Game

Revered for its healing techniques, the town of Yharnam is rapidly degrading as a plague that turns people into beasts spreads uncontrollably. As a Hunter, it falls to you to quell this growing threat. You will have to fight through beasts, monsters, and townsfolk alike to survive the night and discover the source of this madness.

In this campaign-based action-adventure, players take on the role of Hunters, working together against the game to uncover the mysteries hidden within the city of Yharnam and beyond. Featuring unique Trick Weapons, each with various forms and powers, Hunters have to think quickly and adapt their tactics to overcome the multitude of foes that stand
in their way. Learn their behavior, exploit their weaknesses, and strike them down! Featuring
unique card-driven combat, luck has little place here — success or failure depends on your
choices and how you approach each engagement! Of course, against such horrific foes, death is a common occurrence, but worry not as death is no
end for a Hunter. Those who fall in combat awaken in the Hunters Dream, ready to return fresh to the fight. Be warned, however, that upon awakening you might find previous foes and obstacles returned, Worse, time is not on your side as the Blood Moon rises ever higher into the sky, spreading its madness across Yharnam. You must press ever forward if you and your comrades hope to complete the Hunt before the city meets an unfortunate end. As you set out onto the Hunt, always remember the old adage: We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood. Our eyes are yet to open… Fear the old blood.

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Candlekeep Mysteries; Your Gateway To Adventure!

Nestled at the southern tip of the sword coast is an spectacular walled city where the price of admission is steep but fair; A book that they do not yet possess! Welcome to Candlekeep, the center of lore and knowledge in the Dungeons and Dragons world of the Forgotten Realms, or Faerun. Candlekeep attracts scholars like a flame attracts moths. Historians, sages, and others who crave knowledge flock to this library fortress to peruse its vast collection of books, scribbled into which are the answers to the mysteries that bedevil them. Many of these books contain their own mysteries—each one a doorway to adventure. Dare you cross that threshold?

Candlekeep Mysteries is a collection of seventeen short, stand-alone D&D adventures designed for characters of levels 1-16. Each adventure begins with the discovery of a book, and each book is the key to a door behind which danger and glory await. These adventures can be run as one-shot games, plugged into an existing Forgotten Realms campaign, or adapted for other campaign settings.

This book also includes a poster map of the library fortress and detailed descriptions of Candlekeep and its inhabitants.

Adventure writers include: Graeme Barber, Kelly Lynne D’angelo, Alison Huang, Mark Hulmes, Jennifer Kretchmer, Daniel Kwan, Adam Lee, Ari Levitch, Sarah Madsen, Christopher Perkins, Michael Polkinghorn, Taymoor Rehman, Derek Ruiz, Kienna Shaw, Brandes Stoddard, Amy Vorpahl, and Toni Winslow-Brill.

Magic the Gatherings: Kaldheim is Cold as Ice

We at TerraCrux Games are excited to announce that preorders are available for Kaldheim, the next standard set for the worlds greatest trading card game; Magic the Gathering!

Set in a world of the same name, Kaldheim is strongly influenced by Norse mythology and heavy metal themes! Darkness and cold forge strong warriors and devastating magics to unleash upon your foes and hurl yourself into the annals of legend!

Here is a quick breakdown of the products and release schedule:

Prerelease Products available January 29th 2021

  • Draft Booster Box + Buy a Box Promo: The Box we all know and love, contains 36 draft boosters packs. The promo will a foil alternate art Realmwalker.
  • Prerelease Kit +2 prize packs: Kits come with 6 Draft boosters and are perfect for playing at home sealed events. We include two bonus booster packs as prize support as if you played in the store! Promo card will be a random rare or mythic stamped foil card from the set.

Release Day Products available February 5th 2021

  • Set Booster Box: Designed for those looking to get the most out of their packs, this box has 30 boosters which have better than average value inside and lot of excitement points to make the opening experience truly epic!
  • Collector Booster Box: 12 boosters full of foil cards, alternate art, showcases, and better than average value; Collector Boosters are the height of the Magic the Gathering pack opening experience and well worth the price.
  • Theme Booster Set: Eight packs with two boosters keyed to each of the colors of Magic, the packs have cards that planes-walkers of those colors will prefer. Fun and new these packs will give a boost to any deck or collection.
  • Kaldheim Bundle: The bundle is great for those that want all the tool they need to add the new cards to their collection without breaking the bank! Ten draft boosters, a spin down dice, foil and non-foil lands, and a box to keep it all in.

Spoiled Cards

TerraCrux Stocking Stuffers: Star Realms

This holiday season little gifts can make a big difference. That is why we are going to try and highlight some of our best stocking stuffer games for couples, room mates, and families! A game that ticks all the boxes is Star Realms! A game for two players (or four if you bring another deck) Star realms is fast paced and easy to play and a great way to learn about deck building games if you are new to gaming! So check out Star Realms or any of our great products this holiday season. And remember, board games are easy to wrap!

“Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (developer and cofounder of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game).  Star Realms is the winner of several awards, including the 2015 SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year award, four Golden Geek Awards for Best 2-Player Game, Best Card Game, Best Indie Game and Best Handheld Game, two Dice Tower Awards for Best Two-Player Game and Best Small Publisher, and Best Card Game: Fan Favorite at Origins 2015.” ~ Manufacturers description

New Product Update: Small World of Warcraft

A new day dawns on Azeroth. A day like every one before it, and every one after. A day of merciless struggle for the control of the World of Warcraft. Not only is this Small World territory far too tight for everyone, it also hosts the never-ending conflict between the factions of the Alliance and the Horde. Dawn has broken and the time has come to take your place on the front lines.

Small World of Warcraft is a stand-alone board game set in Blizzard’s glorious video game universe, Azeroth. 2-5 players vie for control of several islands in this hostile world and their only hope will be to pick the right combination of races and special powers. After staking your claim to a piece of land, defeat your neighbors and expand your territory.

If you can occupy legendary places and control powerful magical artifacts, you’ll reach new levels of domination. However, empires must eventually fall, so be ready to put your over-extended race into decline and lead a new one to glory so you can eventually rule Azeroth.

Available: HERE

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New Product Update: Dwellers in Darkness

This expansion offers three new and unique miniatures representing the terrifying nemeses players will face off against throughout the Shadowed Paths and Haunting of Dale campaigns. Now, players can capture the true menace of these servants of Sauron as they pursue the heroes throughout each campaign.

In addition to three finely sculpted miniatures to represent the Supplicant of Morgoth, Ollie the Troll and the Sinister Shade featured in Haunting of Dale. This expansion also offers nine new cards for the game—three titles and three trinkets that players may have the chance to earn as they play through the campaigns, as well as three item cards to give them more options for upgrading their weapons.

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—description from the publisher

New Product Update: Mysterium Park

Welcome to Mysterium Park! Its cotton candies, its circus and its dark secrets… The former director disappeared, but the investigation came to nothing. Since that night, weird things have happened at the fair. As psychics, players are convinced that a ghost haunts this carnival. They’re now intent on giving it a chance to reveal the truth.

In this stand-alone asymmetrical game, the ghost sends visions with illustrated cards. The psychics try to interpret them to exonerate the safe suspects and locations and, finally, seize the only chance to understand what happened a few years ago. Players have six enjoyable nights before the carnival leaves. They must open their minds and find the truth! Buy it HERE

—description from the publisher