Magic the Gatherings: Kaldheim is Cold as Ice

We at TerraCrux Games are excited to announce that preorders are available for Kaldheim, the next standard set for the worlds greatest trading card game; Magic the Gathering!

Set in a world of the same name, Kaldheim is strongly influenced by Norse mythology and heavy metal themes! Darkness and cold forge strong warriors and devastating magics to unleash upon your foes and hurl yourself into the annals of legend!

Here is a quick breakdown of the products and release schedule:

Prerelease Products available January 29th 2021

  • Draft Booster Box + Buy a Box Promo: The Box we all know and love, contains 36 draft boosters packs. The promo will a foil alternate art Realmwalker.
  • Prerelease Kit +2 prize packs: Kits come with 6 Draft boosters and are perfect for playing at home sealed events. We include two bonus booster packs as prize support as if you played in the store! Promo card will be a random rare or mythic stamped foil card from the set.

Release Day Products available February 5th 2021

  • Set Booster Box: Designed for those looking to get the most out of their packs, this box has 30 boosters which have better than average value inside and lot of excitement points to make the opening experience truly epic!
  • Collector Booster Box: 12 boosters full of foil cards, alternate art, showcases, and better than average value; Collector Boosters are the height of the Magic the Gathering pack opening experience and well worth the price.
  • Theme Booster Set: Eight packs with two boosters keyed to each of the colors of Magic, the packs have cards that planes-walkers of those colors will prefer. Fun and new these packs will give a boost to any deck or collection.
  • Kaldheim Bundle: The bundle is great for those that want all the tool they need to add the new cards to their collection without breaking the bank! Ten draft boosters, a spin down dice, foil and non-foil lands, and a box to keep it all in.

Spoiled Cards