Our Written Procedures for In Store Activity – Covid 19

Dear TerraGamers and Friends,

We are dedicated to bringing you a fun and, more importantly, safe place to buy, enjoy, and play games. In accordance with the guidelines put forth by the Washington Governors Office we would like to share with you our Written Procedures for In Store Activity. We are happy to announce that starting Friday we will resume limited store play. Table space is free as normal, and first come first serve; please call ahead to ensure we have space (253-203-1647).

TerraCrux Games Written Procedures for In-Store Retail Operations:

A site-specific COVID-19 Supervisor shall be designated by the employer to monitor the health of employees and enforce this COVID-19 job site safety plan.

1. We have contactless pay options; including our online store and curbside pickup.

2. Customer Traffic Management.

  • Our max occupancy is 50 persons; this is under 30% capacity as determined by the fire code.
  • We have placed distance markers outside of the facility in order to maintain six-foot physical distancing for customers waiting to receive curb side service or enter the building.
  • We have added arrows marking to help eliminate choke points and reduce crowding. High traffic areas are marked with six-foot indicators to maintain physical distancing requirements.
  • We have placed signage at entrances and throughout the store reminding staff and customers of the occupancy limit, to maintain six-foot physical distancing, and the policy requiring face coverings.
  • We have placed distance markers in check-out lines in order to maintain six-foot physical distancing requirements for customers waiting to check out.
  • When possible, we will accommodate hours of operation that permit access solely to high-risk individuals as defined by the CDC.

3. Sanitation

  • We will be frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces including between matches.
  • We will ensure operating hours allow downtime between shifts for thorough cleaning.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at entry for all staff and patrons (assuming supply availability).
  • Establish a housekeeping schedule that includes frequent cleaning and sanitizing with a particular emphasis on commonly touched surfaces.

4. Seating Requirements

  • All parties and tables must be 5 guests or less.
  • Tables must be placed far enough apart when measured from occupied chair to occupied chair, to ensure event guests seated at a table are a minimum of 6 feet away from guests at adjacent table.
  • Play areas are restricted to those participating in games.

We look forward to see you all soon, and keep on gaming!

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