This holiday season little gifts can make a big difference. That is why we are going to try and highlight some of our best stocking stuffer games for couples, room mates, and families! A game that ticks all the boxes is Star Realms! A game for two players (or four if you bring another deck) Star realms is fast paced and easy to play and a great way to learn about deck building games if you are new to gaming! So check out Star Realms or any of our great products this holiday season. And remember, board games are easy to wrap!

“Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty (developer and cofounder of the Ascension Deckbuilding Game).  Star Realms is the winner of several awards, including the 2015 SXSW Tabletop Game of the Year award, four Golden Geek Awards for Best 2-Player Game, Best Card Game, Best Indie Game and Best Handheld Game, two Dice Tower Awards for Best Two-Player Game and Best Small Publisher, and Best Card Game: Fan Favorite at Origins 2015.” ~ Manufacturers description