Its part two of our Ixalan prerelease – day one was a ton of fun, and day two is looking like more of the same! Join us at 9am for Sealed, at 3pm for 2 Headed Giant, and again at 9pm for Sealed. It’s just $20 per event, and there’s plenty of prize support.

40k banner

Also, we’ve got a 40K tournament at 9am. Entry is $15, 2000 points using the ITC rules.

We’ll be using missions from the ITC 8th ed Combined Arms Missions. You can find more information here.

Round 1 – The Scouring
Round 2 – The Relic
Round 3 – Secure & Control

Painting Requirements:
3 color minimum to to be eligible for prize support, otherwise a base coat/primer is all you need to play!