Ixalan prerelease party, part two – plus 40K!

  • 9am Sealed, $30

  • 3pm 2 Headed Giant, $30

  • 9pm Sealed, $30

Its part two of our Ixalan prerelease – day one was a ton of fun, and day two is looking like more of the same! Join us at 9am for Sealed, at 3pm for 2 Headed Giant, and again at 9pm for Sealed. It’s just $20 per event, and there’s plenty of prize support.

40k banner

Also, we’ve got a 40K tournament at 9am. Entry is $15, 2000 points using the ITC rules.

We’ll be using missions from the ITC 8th ed Combined Arms Missions. You can find more information here.

Round 1 – The Scouring
Round 2 – The Relic
Round 3 – Secure & Control

Painting Requirements:
3 color minimum to to be eligible for prize support, otherwise a base coat/primer is all you need to play!

Ixalan Prerelease

  • 9am Sealed, $30

  • 3pm 2 Headed Giant, $30

  • 9pm Sealed, $30


It’s finally here! Jace and Vraska making trouble, vampires, dinosaurs, pirates…it’s like Walking Dead mixed with Pirates of the Caribbean and saturday morning cartoons, and it’s awesome. To further fuel the hype train (no brakes!), click here to check out the set list or visit the Wizards site here for more information about Ixalan and and a bit of backstory entitled Jace, Alone.


Join us for Sealed at 9am, 2 Headed Giant at 3pm, and Sealed again at 9pm. The prize support will flow, people will talk like pirates, and a good time will be had by all!

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As we move into the second half of September, there’s plenty to be excited about – we’re hosting a prerelease party for the new M:tG set, IXALAN, starting at 9am on September 23rd.

If you love flipping cards, rolling dice, and moving tiny soldiers, we’ve got a Malifaux tournament on Saturday the 23rd at 11am and a Warhammer 40K tournament on Sunday the 24th at 9am.

If that STILL doesn’t grab your attention, we’ve got tons of board games (and a library to try a new game you’re curious about), plenty of space for your RPG game, plus more paint, dice, snacks, drinks, and fun than you can handle!

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